Sally Stitch

A girl name Sally was a horrible girl at school. Always dreading rumors and sharing secrets. One day she told a secret of a person who always beats her up at school with this, the bully got terribly angry. Sally stood up to the bully , everyone realizing her true beauty, thus she became a popular and notorious gossiper. But one popular girl coming from a family who doesn’t believe of gossip named Veronica was very jealous and angry at Sally . Sally always say and heard everything which made her more angry. So one day Veronica tried to tell Sally that if she kept being so wrong shed sow her eyes and lips shut. Bieng petrified from bullying Sally went Insane for that moment and killed Veronica by trying to strangle her than drowning her in the toilet. On midnight Sally woke up and she was super quench she was trying to scream because she couldn’t se but she couldn’t scream either. Her lips and eyes were sown shut all Sally could hear was veronica saying ” That should stop you from gossiping you terrible soul! Sally was terrified and she tumbled down the stairs trying to find her way to her fathers little office she cut her eyes open with a pair of scissors she found and emailed a’s many people she could ‘ it’s Sally or Sally stitch. If you do not forward this you or your love one will have something bad happen don’t break the chain or else!’ a’s she did that Veronica stitched her back up and stabbed her with a sewing needle in the heart.

Postat av: Paulkatarina

I like the site. Shame about the problems with the guestbook.

2011-06-20 @ 10:20:25

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